Practice Areas

Administrative Law

Navigating administrative systems can be overwhelming, time-consuming and frustrating. The attorneys at Dolan Law know and understand the complex government restrictions that clients often face. We help our clients with licensing and permit matters, appearing before federal, state, and local agencies and boards. Our attorneys also assist with appealing administrative decisions to higher authorities, including the Court.

Business Development

Starting your own business is an exciting, yet nerve-wracking venture. Our lawyers can guide you through the legal issues that business owners face from start to finish. Clients seek our counsel on corporate structure and governance, mergers, sales and acquisitions, compliance, contractual and regulatory issues so they can focus on what matters most – company growth.

Civil Rights

Our attorneys are adept at handling civil right matters including wrongful convictions, police shootings, false arrests, excessive force, police harassment, wrongful detention, discrimination, due process and equal protection violations. We fight for our clients who are unable to fight against those in power.

Commercial Litigation

Our attorneys are adept at resolving multi-issue legal matters at the state and federal level through aggressive litigation. Our trial team has experience arguing before the state district court, state appellate court, state supreme court, federal district court and federal circuit court, along with the United States Supreme Court. No matter the issue, we provide our clients with a skilled litigation team dedicated to every case.


People create and extinguish rights at the snap of a finger so before you dig a hole for yourself, or even a deeper one, which could cost you a lot of money, talk to us at Dolan Law LLC.

Criminal Defense

At Dolan Law, we defend clients facing a variety of criminal charges, including DUIs, domestic violence, drug trafficking (federal and state), battery, theft, trespassing, sex crimes, murder and much more. If you or a loved one is arrested and charged with a criminal offense, our skilled lawyers will guide you through the criminal system to achieve the best possible outcome.

Employment Law

If you find that you have been illegally discriminated against at work, or wrongfully discharges then talk to Dolan Law about what course of steps are available to you.  Although Nevada is a right-to-work state there are limits to what an employer can do, and at times there are remedies under federal law.

Estate Law

We take pride in planning for the long-term care of our clients. Our lawyers are skilled at drafting wills and health care directives, forming trusts, creating a durable power of attorney and protecting and distributing assets as directed.

Family Law

Our attorneys guide clients through a wide variety of family law matters. Our experience includes multi-million dollar community estates, complex divorce cases, contentious custody disputes, child support, relocation, guardianships, termination of parental rights, grandparent rights, international custody and much more.

Juvenile Law

We assist clients accused of committing a crime navigate through the juvenile court system to ensure they receive fair treatment and a just outcome. Skillful representation is important because although juvenile records are not public record, some offenses can impact your child’s pursuit of scholarships and other opportunities.

Landlord-Tenant Dispute

Disputes between landlords and tenants happen frequently. At Dolan Law, we represent both landlords and tenants with issues relating to right to enter, failure to pay, property damage, eviction, lease violations, discrimination and other related matters. Our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the laws and regulations landlord and tenants face.

Non-Profit Law

We help our clients with the formation of non-profit organizations. This includes registering the entity with the state, obtaining a federal identification number, developing and processing an application for tax exemption with the Internal Revenue Service and much more. We also develop effective governance to build solid futures for non-profit organizations, providing counsel on the legal duties of board members, along with reviewing and drafting governance documents, conflict of interest policies and other records.

Personal Injury

Injuries occur every day. If you are a victim of a car or motorcycle accident, dog attack or any other accident due to someone else’s negligence, we are here to help. We make demands upon insurance companies and communicate with your medical providers to ensure you receive full and fair compensation for the injury you have incurred.


The death of loved one is a difficult and overwhelming moment in your life. At Dolan Law, our compassionate attorneys provide guidance through the complex probate system to ensure your loved one’s assets are distributed as required. Our experience includes probating multi-million dollar as well as smaller estates.

Real Estate & Land Use

Our firm can provide assistance with the purchase, sale, lease, development, zoning and foreclosure of any property. When disputes arise over the use of land, our attorneys are equipped to handle buy-sell disputes, lease agreements, boundaries, possession, easements and land title issues.

Trust Management

If you are a Trustee, you have a legal duty to ensure beneficiaries receive distributions and that the trust is managed in accordance with trust terms. At Dolan Law, we provide our clients with guidance to avoid unnecessary disputes and litigation. We prepare annual financial reports and assist with protecting or liquidating trust assets.